about us


“I could be bounded in
a nutshell, and count myself a king of
infinite space.”

Hamlet Act II, Scene II

What is Nutshell about?

We make intelligent, entertaining theatre with a broad appeal. We’re about great writing and direct story telling in interesting venues. We don’t go big on fancy tricks.

We think whether you see a play in a field, a church hall or a good old-fashioned theatre, it should be all about the live experience. About the immediacy of the actors’ performances and the words of the play. Everything else is a bonus.

What about the work?

Since our foundation in 2000, we’ve been making work that explores the challenges and dramas of everyday life.  We’re interested in how they inform and feed off the world around us, and affect how we see that world. This thinking inspired our current Still Points in a Turning World trilogy (see below).

Our Aims

  1. Perform both new and established work in a range of settings beyond conventional theatre spaces.

  2. Champion female practitioners - writers, directors, actors and designers.

  3. Tour to rural venues that don’t always see much theatre and take work that’s made in Scotland further afield on tour.  But we always aim for a low carbon footprint.

  4. Run education and outreach projects alongside our productions, to bring together different generations and sections of communities.

Still Points in a Turning World – A Trilogy 

The 2012 Edinburgh Fringe saw the world premiere of new play Thread, the second piece in this trilogy. Where the first play Allotment (2011) was rooted in a place, an object inspired Thread. The third piece will emerge in 2014, most likely focusing on a ritual behaviour.

With these three shows we ask audiences to stop with us for a while and recognise that any struggle with complex and difficult emotions or experiences doesn’t leave us with simple legacies. It shapes our view of the world - and more often grows compassion than bitterness.

In a sense, the shows all celebrate the endurance of many different types of goodness in a world we often see as increasingly cruel.

KATE NELSON | Director | kate@nutshelltheatre.co.uk

Kate has directed a number of British premieres including: THREAD, ALLOTMENT, STARS, CRESTFALL, MEAT and THE PLAY O’ THE WATHER (Nutshell); THE MAN WITH THE FLOWER IN HIS MOUTH by Pirandello and LA FESTA (THE ANNIVERSARY) by Spiro Scimone (Menu Productions); WILL SHU by Jacqui Clarke for Oran Mor and THE DEVIL ON WHEELS by Jules Horne (also produced by Nutshell).

Her previous work includes EDUCATING RITA (Comedy of the Year - 2002 Suffolk Press Awards) and TWO WAY MIRROR by Arthur Miller (Eye Theatre, Suffolk) THROUGH THE NIGHT and IN THE SHADE (Arches & Tron Theatres, Glasgow) both for Fire Exit, and A SMALL FAMILY BUSINESS at Pitlochry Festival Theatre.

Kate has co-ordinated and directed script development, new writing and education projects for the Traverse (Edinburgh), Citizens’ Theatre (Glasgow) and The Playwrights’ Studio Scotland. She is on the judging panel for the Robert McLellan Award for plays in Scots and is Programme Leader for Drama & Theatre Arts at Queen Margaret University.