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We know not everyone who loves theatre wants to act, but believe everyone has an artistic contribution to make. Theatre can help them to do this.

Our education and outreach work aims to set up projects offering participants a legacy within their community, helping to foster links and reduce isolation. Whether this is through growing beetroot together, learning to sew or building a bookcase, all craft skills have value and can be shared and celebrated.

Allotment – Planting Programme

Allotment travels with a unique cross-generational planting project. In partnership with venues, we’re pair up local mother and toddler groups with older people from day care centres or sheltered housing in the local community. Together they create the living set for our shows.

Thread – Community Pictorial

As part of the development of Thread, we invited people of all generations to come together and share needlecraft and DIY skills.

We created a pictorial in each community as a record and celebration of the shared projects.

Our workshop participants said:

“I love Wednesdays. I’ve met great new folk, young and old”

“I’ve really enjoyed teaching the younger girls. I’d not realised I knew so much!”

“It’s been great for Angel to meet older people and hear their stories. I didn’t know the stories they told her.”