Written by Anja Hilling

Adapted by Sarah Colvin

Directed by Kate Nelson

Traverse Theatre,
Edinburgh Festival Fringe | 2006

“Make sure you bring the tiny white stars...”

They can’t wait till Tony reaches the apple tree. But when he does, things will never be the same again. 

Stars is a touching reflection on the loss of innocence. The play follows four close-knit young people through an unforgettable night with complex consequences that bind them together forever.


Stars started life on the German stage, winning the Dresden Bank prize in 2002 for emerging playwright Anja Hilling.  Both director Kate Nelson and previous Nutshell collaborator Sarah Colvin (MEAT, 2003) were inspired by the spirit and richness of Anja’s writing. 

“What drew us both to this play in particular was its freshness and youth; it’s very much about young people now. They are a generation removed, largely, from death. They don’t realise that the fall-out of terrible experiences is often just to be trapped in a ghastly holding pattern. Sometimes you have to wait for life to propel you forward. Trying to move on by yourself gets you nowhere. ”

Kate Nelson

Cast & Crew

Lorna Craig – Jenna

Jordan McCurrach - Calum

Elaine Gracie - Suzanne

Gary Lamont – Christie

Design – Lucinda Meredith

Costume – Lisa Cochrane

Lighting – Neil Hobbs

Composer – Pippa Murphy

What the Press Said

“The play is more an evocation of emotion and mode than a linear story, and director Kate Nelson and the cast carry it with the light and tender touch it requires…”


“This is a frank and often beautiful examination of the inevitable loss of purity that comes with growing up.”